20 Golden rules of how to be a successful trader

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20 Golden rules of how to be a successful trader

Want to make successful transaction? Then follow the only intelligent solutions and avoid the bad. After all, a bad trading plan only to the irreparable losses, reducing capital and reducing its own confidence. Every day during the session of the market to face with a lot of moments when they had to choose. And in such moments without the system of discipline to take really the correct solution is very difficult. Since a short time to think about the market situation and the emotions will affect you, making the choice is not a market tool. And the most that neither is on the wrong time. Many traders perceive the trade on the short-term timeframe as some kind of a gamble. These players without a strict self-discipline and no plan just give their money to professionals. Random successful deal only reinforces this sense of easy money and prepare them for the final failure. If you do not use protection rules, the professionals easily thrown out of players in the market and filling their pockets at the expense of such losers. Technical analysis - is a science that teaches the trader's make a deal, given time, the volume and price. Strict discipline helps professionals to distance himself from the ill-considered decisions, inherent in gambling players. Through the prism of the impartial implementation and strict control allowed risk, sooner or later trade short-term method to generate long-awaited «fruits». Markets all the time repeating one and the same situation. Knowledge of laws trend allow you to build a system of trade rules on the same type of formations, which are constantly repeated, which will allow you to no longer pursue the departing train". Here are the Golden rules of the professional trader.
These rules will help avoid a great number of failures and trade is more profitable:

1. Forget about the news, think about the price on the chart. If you do not particularly properly manage to understand how the news will affect the price, better look only at the motion chart. On the chart are already taken into account all the news and the expectations of the players.

2. Shop 1-m rollback to новообразовавшегося maximum. Consequently, the sale is made to the 1-m rebound from новообразовавшегося minimum. There is always a crowd, missed the first wave, and so she will want to be present in the second.

3. Make purchases on the support of, and the sale on the resistance. Timetable of each trader shows the same thing, and that just looking to jump into a movement from the strong level.

4. Short and quick rally - not seasonal clearance. If the market drops rapidly, so traders record profits and prepare for recovery.

5. Below the Moving average will never make a purchase, and above it - a sale (see paragraph 3).

6. Don't follow the impulse, if you can not find the exact output. Let us assume that the price irrevocably turned just then, when you only made a deal. If the "before the release of" too far, then you have a big problem.

7. When Gaps exhaustion already filled, but the Gaps continue and Gaps breakthrough still not filled, then it is necessary to adhere to the wisdom, supported by the experience of many traders. And she says that to commit the transaction should be in the direction of the Gap. Do it whenever you can.

8. The trend will always tries on the strength level of the previous support or resistance. Enter in at these levels, even in spite of the fact that they may be impaired.

9. Trade in the direction of motion of the tick, but do not commit the transaction against him. Don't try to be a hero, catching at the embrasure. Always follow along with the money specialists.

10. Do not rely on his diploma, he will not help here. Trust only your instincts.

11. Make the sale on the second highs, and the buy - in of the second lows. After a rollback, the first attempt to penetrate the minimum, maximum mainly confronted with strong resistance. So focus your attention on the third-fourth of an attempt to escape.

12. The trend is always your friend. If the only increases, you should not expect that someone will «pop»to change the channel.

13. Do not trade on the market immediately after the weekend. At this time you are very vulnerable. Better to wait, and then to follow the market.

14. About the turn assume: for the bearish trend after 2 diminishing peaks and the subsequent double grounds; for the bullish trend - on the contrary.

15. Bulls live above the 200-day line, but the bears are always below. Sellers come into play a key level below the Moving average, while those wishing to buy above that level.

16. The price of «there is a memory». If, for example, it the last time struggled at some level - this means that there is a high probability of repetition of this scenario.

17. When very large quantities of purposeful movement disintegrated. This is due to the fact that at the time of issue pair or a climax included in the game and sellers, and buyers. Due to this the market is becoming chaotic.

18. Trends never change their direction in a blink of an eye. Spreads always line up gradually. Since the first sharp fall always find their buyers, after which continue the emerging trend, and, on the contrary, the first instant increase will find willing to sell at a good price.

19. In order to create the top, you need less time, than for the base. This is because the fear of the effect on the trader faster greed, forcing the market tool crawl all below and below the «own weight.»

20. Don't take a chance and don't be greedy! They came, as planned, they took the money from the market and immediately go out. Try to take the money before someone takes that away from you.

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